Carry on
im dying on the inside
i hope your far gone
to follow your dreams
just know you were the one

sorry i kept you here
please forgive me
i was only living in fear
and now
im dying on the inside

i lost my faith
i was only afraid
please believe me
that was yesterday

thats all i got for now since it just came to me when i was almost asleep....
constructive criticism welcome.if you dont like it then tell me why.
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how did i break the rules....
its untitled and im still deciding what genre of music its going into.
other than that i dont know how i broke the rules.
i dont mind being reported but tell me what i did.
it's the title.

read the rules in the announcement at the top of this forum.
pay particular attention to the section on titles.
it won't be hard to figure out what you did wrong.

when you've read the rules and this thread is closed, you can repost with a proper title.

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