there seems to be a little urban dictionary argument going on and i need a true pit vote out to see which definition is more accurate is it

a. the punch to the stomach of a pregnant woman to make baby go byebye or

b.The act of pulling out of a woman during intercourse, then punching her in the vagina so far that your fist reaches her uterus from the inside. The act is most effective when used completely at random and accompanied by screaming "falcon punch!"

Fucking 2 character rule
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Once at chruch, I was at a group thing so I was laying down on the couch then all of a sudden some girl goes up to me starts rubbing my shoe ferociousely and goes " I want sex"......
its A, everyone knows that
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p.s. dont blame me fer any poor as defining, its all urban dictionarys wording

well urban dicitonary is all submitted definitions. by like anyone
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its neither it is from the game super smash brothers

tooshay, b is funnier tho.

u shoudlve made a pole
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Yep, it's Soviet UG versus bdfs05.

good luck.

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why can't it be both? don't some words have more than on definition?
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I saw Pantera live once, Dime changed into a body bag right there on stage.

isnt it a combination?
imn my experience its most commonly after discovering someone is pregnant you dive low and nthrust your fist upwards impacting the vag and forcing things together in such a manner to break the fetus while screaming FALCON PUNCH
or forcibly getting your hand to the uterus and pulling out the baby, ive also seen both of the above definitions, i think it should be broadened to include all of these wonderful techniques for avoiding pregnancy
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be the music, not the scene
I thought it was a Cpt. Falcon smash attack in the first Super Smash Bros...
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