So I've been playing electric for about 10 ish months now.. so I'm not a complete guitar noob (though I suck -_-).

However I want a acoustic guitar. For practicing and mainly to take it places like when I go on trips or visit somebody or whatever it may be. I'm not going to use it live. Only to play for friends/family on special occasions.. and for a small church event I may do later in the year, a small show for the elderly.

So I don't need anything fancy. I've got 200 bucks to spare.. can that get me something decent?

Also a bit of a problem <.<. Most acoustic guitars I've played have been way to big for me. I'm only 5'3, 130 pounds, and have really small fingers. Yes it sucks

So send me in the right direction of things to consider..thanks!
Ibanez AEG10E is an incredible deal and sounds good (on the smaller side too)
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how about a semi hollow electric? Epiphone Dot - 260 USD

its not as big as a full sized acoustic, its the cheapest semi hollow i know

and it has pickups ^_^!!!
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I made a topic about smaller acoustics not too long ago: see here. That should give you a rough idea of what to look for.

I bought a Seagull Grand very recently after comparing things, and I have to say if you can spare an extra hundred or so from your price point now, you'd be getting a very good deal. It's parlor sized and thus has a much smaller body than others, but the sound is impressive.
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I owned an Epi Dot. In no way would that make a substitute for an acoustic.

Look at Ibanez Talmans. Electric players generally like those. I've played one and it played great. The tone could be better, but that could be said for any thinline acoustic.
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