hey quick question here, i know this probably isn't the right forum but that's what i'm trying to find out. what the hell kind of genre is Man Man?
Electronic tribal circus rock. I have no idea. I saw them open up for Modest Mouse, they were pretty cool. Extremely entertaining to watch, especially the drummer =\
Man Man sounds like an old school Megaman boss. He'd drink beer, and watch football and such.
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haha, nah i ain't gay, i'm just curious as to what exactly man man is...i mean, i like the music, but what is it? lmao
kinda reminds me of a tim burton movie and gogol bordello after hearing mister jung stuffed....gypsy-punk rock with a touch of the doors...? pretty cool either way.
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well, according to the UG classification (as well as the type of fan-base it would draw), it'll be (Alternative) indie. if it makes Pitchfork, it makes indie
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