I play with a Gibson SG Faded right now, I was wondering if anyone else out there had a better suggestion for more of a Rhythm guitar, for playing lots of palm mutes, power chords, and rhythm lines, I do riff ALOT but only on the lower strings E - D or D - D i play in drop D, i want a really thick nice tone, im playing on a spider valve hd 100 head. I play mostly hardcore/progressive/experimental stuff like Circa Survive, Norma Jean, Deftones
i play a epiphone les paul
its good coz i can rest my hand on the bridge when im strumming
and easy to palm mute
well for me anyway
ESP Eclipse + Rhythm Guitar = Sex
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Get a new amp first.

Sounds like Esp or Ibanez, maybe Schecter would be good for you.

whatever, the amp i have is ****ing badass
a ESP/Ltd if you have a smaller budget. Or the epi les paul prophecy is good for the price
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a ESP/Ltd if you have a smaller budget. Or the epi les paul prophecy is good for the price

Erm, ESPs pretty overpriced you know?Get a Jackson, TS.
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epi or gibson les paul. they are great for rhythm and also great for leads if u decide to do any. Or u could go for an esp eclipse or esp ec1000, but i would only suggest the esp if u play more metal stuff than rock.les paul for rock and blues.
I suggest a Epiphone Casino gives a slightly dark tone and its perfect for rhythm guitar work.
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A Les Paul, the thick neck makes it more comfortable to play alot of chords, or the Casino like the guy above said^
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