I play mostly pop-punk, punk rock and rock. So i want distortion but not too heavy distortion. I played on the Valve King 112 today and it seemed alright, but there must be something better. Before that i was testing out the Marshall 250dfx which is $200NZD cheaper but not tube.

What do you think i should do?

Thanks alot.
Well, I've found that the Peavey Valveking 112 is better for classic rock, the distortion on the amp itself isn't really heavy so it should be fine for you, I say go for it, it sounds better the more you turn it up (until it's nearly full blast, then it may start to break up)
valveking is like night and day vs the other amp you listed.
Not even a comparison.
Valveking by 100 miles.
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Try a Crate V50 and V33 too. The VK is the best of the amps you listed, but try the crates as well. Buy used and a lot more amps open up in that $300-$400 range. (Classic 30, Blues Jr etc...)
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Peavey classic 30 suits you WAY more than a VK imo.
Try it out.
Here is a little video with several gain settings:

thanks man, i'll check it out.

Also my Budget is about $1000NZD which i'm really not sure what the exchange rate to the States but i think pounds are about triple so 3000 pounds.

Should i buy used not new?
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^I think you'll find that pounds aren't triple NZD, but NZD are triple pounds

Actually, here's the current exchange rate:

1.00 GBP . . . . . . . . . . . . . .= . . 2.74185 NZD
United Kingdom Pounds . . . . . .New Zealand Dollars
1 GBP = 2.74185 NZD . . . . . . .1 NZD = 0.364717 GBP

So you have £364.65 to spend, which should be enough for a classic 30, which I believe you'll like better than the vk.
haha, thanks for that man.

I will be using it with my band so do you think it'll be loud enough over the drums?

Two things though, why do you think the classic will be better for me rather than the VK and also do you reckon a 30w of valve could pull of a small show if needed?
Well, first because the VK is VERY American sounding, which means it's pretty dark and has slightly scooped mids. Not really what you're looking for as it's the sort of tone someone who plays thrash metal migght be looking for (think disposable heroes by metallica). Also because the VK requires a bit of modding to make it sound good, and you don't have the budget for that.

As to whether you can gig with it, here's a handy guide found in the Amps Q & A Thread:

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As a rule we have for SS:

10-30W: practice on your own.
30-50W: practice with a band or recording.
50 to 100W (or more): Gigs (as much wattage as you ever need)

And for valves:

<20W: practice on your own
20-30W Band practice/Recording
30-50W Gigging.
>50W Hearing damage.

So you can see that 30w fits nicely in the breach between practising and gigging. And anyway, any gig large enough to need more than 30w valve will surely have a pa that you can mic your amp up to.
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thanks man, that really helpful!!

Is the next step up on the classic 30 much bigger than the 30?
Its just that i've been saving up for an amp for some time now and i want to make sure when i finally buy one i want it to be exactly what im looking for (which i know is not likely to happen but hopefully close)
^Not quite sure what you mean, TBH. If you're talking about the Classic 50, It's 50w (duh lol). But being 20w larger doesn't mean it is any louder. In fact, all you are getting is more headroom on the clean channel, which I'm guessing you don't use a lot anyway.

If you want the new amp to be exactly what you want you should go out and try it out in the shop, preferably with your guitar and setup. Then you'll know straight away if you like it or not. All I can offer you are my perceptions of it, but remember what I like =/= what you like.
i know exactly what you mean, i did go down and play on the valveking the other day but i didn't notice the classic so hopefully they have it in stock or can order one in for me to check out.

Thanks man.
And for valves:

<20W: practice on your own
20-30W Band practice/Recording
30-50W Gigging.
>50W Hearing damage.

What huh... I cant hear anything.... ohhh god no it finally happened.... lol