Ok, i play in an experimental/psychedelic band and im finding that when i use my Big Muff my tone sounds a little too wide and unfocused. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a distortion unit with a more focused tone, but not any metal distortion pedals. Some one suggested the rat, but i have never played through one before. My setup currently is Strat>dunlop wah>mxr compresser>big muff>delay>Fender Pro Junior. Oh and no digital distortions please.
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i think you're looking for some fuzz pedal

start your searches here:
Fuzzrite (used to be made by Mosrite but today i don't know)
Dunlop Fuzzface
^ He just said he had a big muff but doesnt like it.
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I think you have answered your own question mate. I'd get the Proco Rat 2 or the turbo version.
The RAT should be great for what you want, but keep your Big Muff also because a fuzz is pretty useful in that genre of music.
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^I always considered the rat as much of a fuzz/distortion as the Big Muff really. ...
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