im a newbie guitarist....i can play some relatively basic things...(smoke on the water, pull me under, sign of the cross, breaking the law, carry on wayward son, trust, etc)

but, ive kinda been putting off learning chords...and now i dont think i ca progress any more without learning them....

but, (as im totally self taught) i dont know how i should really start 2 learn them...i dont have a teacher, im really in no position 2 get 1....and im stuck....can u please help me out?

i was thinking id just look up some ac/dc songs, and run through them....but i dont think thats really a good way of doing it

itd also be preferable if it didnt involve buying books or whatever....but, if i HAVE 2, i guess its not 2 bad...

thanks in advance
just look up the chords on the computer or buy one of those 5 dollar posters from walmart and just practice. With Chords its one of those really boring things to learn but once you can switch chords easily your guitar skill is alot better. But start with open chords and then move to barr chords. and try to find a song with open chords to practice switching with.
I just found some songs that were driven by acoustic guitar, looked up the chord chart and tried to play. Its not quick or pretty, but it got the job done. Start by looking up the individual chords in the song and practice each one individually until you have it memorized and produce a clean sound when you play. Then start trying to link the chords. Its as simple as that. Go slow at first and within 2 weeks you will be asking yourself why you ever though it was hard to play chords.
Pretty much what everyone else has said is valid. I especially like the suggestion by esposito123 about acoustic songs since they usually tend to be made up of chords and such. And if I were you, I would also try to learn what notes make up a chord and whatnot while you're in the process of learning.
Go to Wal-Mart and buy the Guitar Chords poster. $3.50. It'll have the majority of usefull major and minor chords listed on it. Just duplicate them on your guitar and try to get them to sound right. That'll keep you busy for a while.

It should look something like this:
^that is the exact poster I have! lol
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^that is the exact poster I have! lol

i thin thats the exact poster everyone has!
i know i do. :P
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Start playing a few "chordy" songs - here's a few

Here's a few

Bad Moon Rising, Creedence Clearwater Revival - D A G
Knocking on Heaven's Door, Bob Dylan - G D Am7 C
Rockin in the Free World, Neil Young - E D C G Em A
Hey Joe, Jimi Hendrix - C G D A E
Wild Thing, The Troggs - A D E G
Live Forever, Oasis - G D Am7 C Fmaj7 Em
Every Rose Has It's Thorn, Poison - G C D Em Cadd9
Brown Eyed Girl, Van Morrison - G C D Em D7
Same Jeans, The View - C F G F#
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I need one of those posters, it looks helpful and my friends who play have a Fender version of the same poster that looks cool in the 'guitar' room where we play.

I have a hard time switching chords and knowing which one is next with my fingers, but I've only been playing to two weeks with online lessons and the help of this and other forums.
If you want to learn the basics, check out www.justinguitar.com Justin has developed a series of video lessons specifically designed for beginners. It will teach you the absolute bare minimum basic fundamentals that every guitar player must know.
Thanks alot for the advice, I looked at justin's site before I got the guitar and I will sit down next time and practice with the computer.
yeah urik's site is great so is kim's they will have u playing quick in no time. if u really r serious i would recoumend u to buy some of the instruction books. i have rockhouse rock ruitar volumes beginner intermediate and advanced there on sale on muscians friend cheap and exteremly helpfull.
Quote by pinksalmon
^that is the exact poster I have! lol

holy crap I didn't know Wal-mart sell those, I gotta remember to buy one
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