Hey guys. I've been thinking of getting a Ground control pro II.
This will work with my Guitar amp yeah? My amp is a Randall RM100, But I mainly see this ground controller used with rack mounted pre-amps/poweramps.

Any help appreciated.
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Theres no need for that. It's way more than you need, assuming you're only switching channels, unless you're expanding later. A smaller MIDI controller will be sufficient. But didn't you get one of those controllers with it?
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Yes I got the small MIDI controller with the amp. I was planning on running an RM4 pre amp in the loop of my head though for 4 extra channels. Since the supplied channel selector has 3 buttons, I thought the Ground control pro might be useful.

Does anybody know where I could get a 9volt power supply for this in Australia by any chance?
Signatures are overrated.