Do most of you guys sit or stand while practising ? Wierdly,due to space constraints,I used to go thru my entire practise routine sitting,and then when I get up on stage,it feels funny to play standing,coz the distance between you and the fretboard is very different from when you practised.Its Ok when you play chords,but gets wierd when you play solo's.So the option is either practise standing up,so you get used to playing that way - or wear your guitar ridiculously high on stage,so that the fretboard is really really accesible.Anyone else face this ?
Whenever I'm just in my own I usually sit, but when I'm jamming with fiends or whatever I usually stand. I adjusted my guitar to tilt up at a slight angle, with the headstock away from the floor, so when I'm standing, the fretboard is easier to play, as opposed to being horizontal.
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just play standing up all the time and there will b e no problems. and then if you are sitting down it will feel even more comfortable.
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I usually play sitting but when it comes to gigs im standing. I always make sure I can play my material standing cause i play slightly lower when standing. (About waist height)

if you want to solve that problem wear your guitar ridiculously high. Its not a bad thing. it doesent need to be at your crotch.
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It doesnt matter with me, as i hav my strap set so my guitar is at the same height if im standing or sitting,
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I dread the day I have to stand and play somewhere mainly because I always practice sitting down. Should probably get used to standing and playing though.
Nail the song sitting, then playing the song standing doesnt take to long to get used to
I have no choice but to practice sitting, since my strap knob on the bottom of the body is chipped off completely
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get the song down sitting. then at band practices always stand. wear your guitar with the bottom of the guitar at ur crotch. not too high not too low. and the only way to truly get used to it is practice practice practice.
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I sit with a strap so I can stand if I get tense or w/e
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I sit, but I can play just as good standing as long as my guitar is as high as it is when I sit.
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Used to prefer sitting and hated standing, now I stand all the time.

Exactly the same for me. It never has been a problem to play my bass or any solid body guitar either way, but for a long time I struggled playing my acoustic standing up. I had to learn to master it, because I usually play while singing and It seems I can only control my breathing properly and put up a good voice while standing up. After some trail and error and fumbling with the strap I finally found out how to do it, and now I play the acoustic standing up only, also when I don't sing.