Hello all,
Im sure you will know the answer to this quite easy!
I have a BC RICH WARLOCK with a broken floyd rose tremolo. I need the tremolo replacing, but I dont know which one will fit. Ive looked around and cant see any thing that looks the same. Ill put a picture up, if anyone can tell me the make/model of the floyd rose, brill. If you can tell me the size and any ones that can replace it, then even better!
Please see the atached file/picture.
Thanks Guys and Gals
That's not a typical floyd Rose, not a double locking one anyway - it appears to be a 2-point tremolo with (missing) fine tuners. You'd have to do some measuirng to see what whoud git, but another 2-point strat-trype trem would probably be best.
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Ok cheers bud. What bits will I have to measure to get one that fits? Is it the distance between the two pivot points where the screws go into the guitar, or the depth or anything else? Im not sure whats important when it comes to tremolos. Thanks!