So, I've recently been working hard, tabbing out various Nine Inch Nails songs from the last two releases (The Slip/Year Zero). Considering the intricacies/insanity of Trent Reznor, this is, needless to say, quite a challenge tabbing out these songs. Again, needless to say, I'm quite incensed that a certain UG user (tonedeafidiot) has been taking these PowerTabs of mine and submitting the exports of them to this site - with no changes. I've made comments on these tabs while in the TPA page, as well as reported the tabs that have so far been accepted - all to no result. Can I please have some help with this situation?

My tabs:

Letting You
The Beginning Of The End
The Good Soldier

tonedeafidiot's tabs:
1,000,000 (Guitar)
1,000,000 (Bass)
999,999 (Bass)

As well as tabs for The Beginning Of The End, Letting You, Hyperpower!, The Good Soldier and Discipline currently sitting in the TPA.

Sorry for the long post, but I think this is becoming a bit of a problem with this guy. Thanks in advance for any help!

I remember rejecting his 999,999 tab because it was obviously plagiarized, as did someone else - why is it acccepted now?
mitty, send a PM to emad. he's the main Tab Moderator.
Give him a link to this thread and any additional info you think might be helpful.
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I've pm'd "tonedeafidiot" about giving credits to exported tabs and he did.

e.g 1000000 Tab is credited to "Mitchell Gardner".

So if your name(mitty) isn't Mitchell Gardner,those tabs will be removed!
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OK that's all fair enough (yes, that is my name). But is it really right for this person to be going around taking a phenomenal amount of PowerTabs from other users without their permission and submitting their tabs as exports (with the only credit to the original user a single line of text which is part of the PowerTab export anyway)?

I understand if you guys don't think anything needs to be done about it, I just wanted to get that out there...

Thanks for the quick replies in any case.
About this act,since all ppl don't use power tab or guitar pro,we had a few options.The best one was accepting those exported tabs WITH credits.

The dark side was:that's not their own work,but the bright side was helping ugers using those tabs and contributing to ug.

I personally don't care about people who exporting my tabs and submitting it to ug.But if it's important for you and you don't like people export your tab,you can personally submit a text version after your power tab got accepted.
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emad I'm gonna ban you, seriously.