i have a cable for my Zoom G2.1u and i have my trusty Cakewalk Guitar tracks pro 3,
but the only thing is that, i cannot seem to get the Zoom to work in my program, can any body help me??

It comes up as a recording device but doesn't seem to work in Guitar Tracks 3 .

make sure you have the latest drivers installed for the zoom unit and also be sure it actually sends audio down the USB line. Just because a pedal has USB doesn't mean they all send audio down it, the Magicstomp connects just to edit the sound patches.
it comes up as its working and i can see the bars picking up the sound in the control panel menu, but it does get picked up in Guitar tracks....
i have installed all the lasted drviers for it also..

im so lost
Have you armed tracks for recording, or designated the Zoom as the recording device?
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i have armed the track for recording but it doesn't work i'm going to look through the manual now xD hope it seeks my answer
Still doesn't work
ive armed it as recording device, it picks it up in teh control panel menu, but not on guitar tracks,
this really anoys me because 1/2 the reason i baught the zoom was to record with it,
please any one with experience with guitra tracks or can just help please do,

much regards mitchell