Suprised there's no thread on these guys already, but they're known for having Buckethead in their band, and they're absoloutly brilliant (Pretty sure they broke up though, sadly). They're more avant garde/ experimental metal or rock than straight up metal, but I'd call them somewhat metal at least.

Anyways, with a butcher image, a very experimental style, f***ing BUCKETHEEEAAD, and lyrics about murder, hatchets, slaughterhouses, grandpas, and McDonalds, you know they're awesome. I've got "Dawn of the deli creeps" torrent'd, and I hope to pick up a copy of it one day, but it's almost impossible to find (along with almost everything buckethead has played in, honestly ). I recommend this to anybody who enjoys Buckethead, Mike Patton's music, the Melvins, or Estradasphere .

Website: http://www.delicreeps.com/ (Which is pretty disturbing, but a fun little website nonetheless!)

"Boom Ch Ka" from their demo, which was the only recorded DC song I could find on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkP9gDK8ioM
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I've got the Young Buckethead DVD with a full deli creeps concert and warm-up show, and all of them messing around in buckethead's basement and in his yard. Great DVD.

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