okay, here's the thing..I'm gonna be playing mostly in PA situations. I don't fancy bringing my inexpressively (is that a word?) heavy amp everywhere..so I was wondering what I could do. Through others discussions on other threads I've started, people have convinced me NOT to buy multieffects. So I'm going with stompboxes..but now, what will I do about my running through a PA system only, like in church? The multieffects have amp modelers and that stuff..won't it now sound tinny direct? Do I buy some sort of tube emulator?

Someone has recommended the sansamp tube emulator to me, but the thing is, that has distortions and clean settings..now, the distortions are totally awesome, but I wouldn't be able to switch between that and clean settings unless I bend down and switch something on the pedal..do you get me? so,

if I use it for the clean tube emulation: I would've wasted money because I won't be able to use all the features on the pedal. On the other hand, if I use it for the tube distortion emulation, then my clean sound will just be direct through the PA..will that sound tinny?

I hope you guys understand what I mean. Ask questions if you don't. I need help here..