Carry on
im dying on the inside
i hope your far gone
to follow your dreams
just know you were the one

sorry i kept you here
please forgive me
i was only living in fear
and now
im dying on the inside

i lost my faith
i was only afraid
please believe me
that was yesterday

my other one got close since i didnt post the title right.
i hope this one works for everyone.

thats all i got for now since it just came to me when i was almost asleep....
constructive criticism welcome since were all here to improve and learn.

Maybe if you read the rules you would get a better response. Bumping your piece is not only uneffective, it is against the rules. You bumping your piece just because you haven't had a response means that other people have their work pushed further down the page.

Just be patient, and crit a few other pieces then leave a link to your piece. That's how it works round here.