The bassist in my band has a bass guitar and the brand is Godwin... Thing is, weve tried looking up this company and neither of us can find anything about it. It's a bright orange coloured 4 string bass that we think was made in 70's - 80's, we just want to know where it comes from and how much it's worth. Any knowledge floating around UG?
Probably some cheap-ass Chinese copy of another brand. I'd give about 69£ for it.

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I've got a guitar that I know nothing about too. All I know about the brand is it's called "Enigma"...
Oh yeah, thats the one that survived the fire. It is worth like $50,000 because it is the last one. Nice find...I'm only messing with you I'm guessing it is some knockoff made in a different country.
I swear ive seen that brand quite recently, ill have a look around and reply later :P

EDIT: ah, nevermind, i was thinking of godin :P
its an old guitar brand from the 70's/80's

dunno what happend though.

only other brand i find like it is godin.