Ok, so I did a quick search, there doesn't seem to be any official thread for this band. I did find the thread with one guy arguing that they are pure metal, but I'd have to disagree with this.


My point is, I've only ever heard Deliver Us, and I must say I ****ing love it. What's their older stuff like? I realize they've been around for about a decade now and have tons of releases, and I don't totally agree with downloading music so I just want some input.

In your opinion, which album is their best to date? I will consider downloading it just for a listen, if you think it's worth it.
Deliver Us definitely their best, but check out Undoing Ruin. I like it almost as much as DU.
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Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation

some great material on there.

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Deliver Us was terrible compared to their old stuff.

So Sedated, So Secure
Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation
Mark of the Judas
Undoing Ruin
Prophecy Fulfilled: Darkest Hour
Deliver Us

(in order from best to worst)

I agree with Sadist except for I'd replace Hidden Hands with Mark of the Judas.

Darkest Hour used to be my favorite band, the older they got though, the less and less I liked their stuff. Deliver Us is extremely boring, I do not remember a single thing from that album or ever once going "That was sweet!"

So Sedated, Judas, and Hidden Hands are where it's at. Get them. Undoing Ruin has it's ups and downs, Deliver Us is straight boring.
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Mark of the judas and Hidden Hands kill deliver us.

Deliver us sucks ass man, check out older material.
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In my opinion, Deliver Us is their best album overall. However, Undoing Ruin has their best songs on it. They'll never do a song better than A Thousand Words to Say but One for example so that makes sense. If you like Deliver Us, you'll find a lot to like in their last few albums. I wouldn't pay attention to anything before Mark of the Judas though as the band themself don't even claim the previous albums.

edit: I totally disagree with what some people are saying about Deliver Us. Doomsayer kicked my ass the first time I heard it and there are several other songs on there that I absolutely love. However, there are still no songs on there as good as Sadist Nation or A Thousand Words to Say But One.

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What are you guys smoking? Their older stuff is good, but Deliver Us just completely blew it all away. Doomsayer is one of the best songs ever created on this earth.
lol are you serious?

Awesome thrashmetalcore >>>> crappy generic metalcore

i blame victory records for being a terrible label. Maybe when they finish this album, which will end their contract with victory, they'll sign to like, no one.

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reckless....i had higher hopes for you in this situation ha. Do you listen to So Sedated? Give No Closer Than a Stranger or Treason in Trust a try and tell me anything on Deliver Us OR Undoing Ruin can top either of those songs.....please
lol. sorry dude. i just love the melodies in those two albums. i love tranquil, fav song from darkest hour. im not saying their older stuff arent good. maybe the production is a little weird for me, especially in the vocals. everything from darkest hour is worth a try because their music style has really evolved from album to album
The melodies aren't as forthcoming the further you go back, but it's always been there.

Hidden Hands is my favourite but I have to say I've only heard little pieces of the stuff earlier than that so I can't really judge that..