So, UG, do you get nipple hair?

Nipple hair, as defined by yours truly, is the hair that grows at an alarming rate around, you guessed it, your nipples! It is not a very thick growing hair, and seems to grow in random spacing around the nipple. This hair grows at extreme speeds as, on numerous occasions, I shaved it one day and a week later it's back.

So, at what age did you get nipple hair, and how often are you forced to cut it off? And what drastic measures does UG go to get rid of such hair?

Or am I the only one with nipple hair
Nipple hairs suck. And yes I have them. Why the hell do they grow so long haha.
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Sorry awful Anglish.
I dont, im a lucky bastard. But ass hair oh god thats is the big question.
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i've got little bits and everyone gets it i think, well at least most people do (men, lol hairy lady tits)

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First sign of werewolf syndrome, you will soon turn into a right hairy twat

yay! freak show!
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yeh im 16 n i just started growing it, i dunnot like it so i get rid of it, simple solution, it only takes a few seconds, but at least i dont have a fury back.
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Nipple hairs suck. And yes I have them. Why the hell do they grow so long haha.

nipple comb-over...sexy stuff
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comes with the age... kinda moulds in with chest hair tbh
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nipple comb-over...sexy stuff

When I'm in the shower my nipple hairs go dead straight and same as my chest hairs. Looks like there is a (can't think of anything) on my chest.
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Sorry awful Anglish.
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I sure as hell hope no hairy girls reply to this thread...

I'm gona pray with you that nothing of that sort ever happens..

Aww, Jesus Christ............
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Likes to play thread games, also!

dude your threads are ****
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I have hair everywhere

except the soles of my feet, the palms of my hand, my nose and forehead
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First sign of werewolf syndrome, you will soon turn into a right hairy twat

Yep, I'm a right hairy twat! Seriously, my dad isn't hairy at all, with a grand total of about five hairs on his chest! Me on the other hand, well, I know hairier people, but black hairs on pale skin make it look worse! Nipple hair isn't that bad, its when it creeps up the sides of your arms where you biceps are. now thats fuckin' odd!
One of my nipples is hairyer than the other.
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Seriously, stop making **** threads.

But to answer your questions, I've had nipple hair since I was, iunno, 15/16?

And I've never felt the need to cut or shave it, you must be "good with colours"
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