In my new issue of Total Guitar there is a lesson by Newton Faulkner which is in DGDGAD tuning and involves using only one hand to play notes. The problem im having is when i do this i can hear more than one note and they clash. Is it a problem with my guitar or my playing?


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Is he using his right or left hand? I know that when I play I can use both hands to tap isolated notes, but I think it just takes practice. You have to make sure you that your being pretty accurate with your tap and making sure you hit the fret you want, with the right amount of pressure. Any more info would be of help.
I'm not much when it comes to this technique, but I think I at least know what your talking about:

On an acoustic guitar (or an unplugged electric, for that matter) when you hammer on a note it vibrates on both sides of the guitar, not just from where you fretted to the bridge (where you want it) but where you fretted to the nut of the guitar.

I'm not totally sure if it's supposed to do that or not, but I'm sure someone else can answer that. I'm going to guess that it's normal and assume the following: It can't be noticed on an electric guitar because there are no pickups on the fretboard and the amplified sound overpowers the guitar. On an acoustic, the guitar itself amplifies the sound and not loudly enough to overpower the sound of the other side of the string's vibration, however, when an acoustic guitar is recorded through a mic, the mic doesn't pick up the sound of the smaller vibration.

Anyway, I think I'm right about this, but I'm not a credible source, so... yeah.