When you go to sleep with a girl or what have you, do you start cuddled up to each other, or do you start drifted apart?

I know most times I start cuddled up tot he person, but when I wake up in the morning I am on the other side of the bed not even looking at her anymore. What about you?
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What's with all the bed + partner related threads?


Anyway. I usually take a while to get to sleep so once they are asleep I roll and face the opposite way so I can finally be comfortable.
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Normally you would grab hold of his dick n start yanking him off.
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I know, I'm such an old-fashioned romantic.
dude jus get drunk with your girl or whatever, anything after thats a bonus
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What's with all the bed + partner related threads?

+ another 1

who actually cares how you start or finish aslong as she is in bed with you!
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What's with all the bed + partner related threads?

The Pit monkeys are feeling ronery.
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it depends. theres more to grab up top if itsfemale, down beow if its a dude.

what way DO YOU swing ?

Well obviously you go both ways so how about you me and the TS meet up after the show and see if we can fire up a dead hooker.
I always stay put. 2 nights ago, we both stayed over at a friend's place, just laying down chatting the whole night, my hand around her waist. Those kinda times are the best.

But yeah, I don't move that much in my sleep, so...
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yah Coke is better ftw.

anyway always spoon, no matter what. Happy couples statistically spoon more.
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Me and my girl sleep in the 69 position.
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What's with all the bed + partner related threads?

people tend to do that to pretend they have a partner (most of the time they don't), well that's what i thinks anyways
well at that point in time, the best thing to do is slit their throat and dissolve the remains in acid, at least that works best for me.
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