thoughts crits and suggestions???
a man in a nurseing home refelecting on his life

stuck in my prison
as another year goes by
whittle the hours away
till the day i die
crippled at the legs
trapped in my chair
my healths deteriorating
but i no longer care

theres no friends to visit me
iv got no family
my life has passed me by
no wife
no kids
alone........ill die

friends come and go
they drop like flys
known them 3 weeks
before there demise
a revolving door
of geriatric waste
only one way to escape
but im stuck in this place

i missed my chance
iv passed my prime
i got nothing to show
for my life
achived nothing
went no where
when my times up
no one will care

(other little bits yet to be added)
a grave is the
only mark i leave
the only profe that i excisted

well what a way to go
trapped in my chair