if i use a daisy chain that links to 5, can i use it to power just 2 pedals alone? i only have 2 pedals and i dont wana use batteries as my pedals eat up batteries really quick.
if it is able to power 2 pedals alone, what kind of adapter do i need in terms of wattage/voltage? thx in advanced
yes, you can use it to power just 2 and leave the rest of the chain hanging about

as for how much power....that depends on the pedals
9 volt DC
just get something that gives about 500mA....thats enough for 6 pedals (maybe less is you've got a lot of digital things on your pedalboard)
Yes, you can power just 2 at a time. Basically find out how many mA the pedals use and be sure the transformer will supply that much and more for growth. Also be sure the unusued leads in the daisy chain are covered with a non conducting material. If the daisy chain doesn't come with little rubber caps, you can go to the hardware store and get some of those white rubber end caps that go on the sharp ends of wire shelves that have been cut.

You can use any AC adaptor that has the right specs and connectors, but the path of least resistance is to get a Godlyke or One Spot. They only cost around $25 and have the daisy chain, the AC adaptor with lots of reserve power, and adaptors to hook up to different pedals that don't use standard barrel connectors. I've heard the Line6 pedals use more power than most others.
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I have a single pedal that draws 9 volts DC....


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