Match an Engl Fireball for a really bassy sound with a huge low end, and a shimmering screaming solo tone
It'll work yes and prob sound ok but might not be the best speaker for the fireball, buy a fireball and then test it out with different cabs and make up your own mind.
thing is ive had a 1960 for a while....and a new cab is not in the budget right now....i was just wondering if i should be expecting crap
try it out with your fireball and if you dont like it try something else??
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if you ever get the chance to plug that head into a recto cab you will be much happier,...i had a marshall 1960 a/b stack with g-12t-75's in them,..i thought i was happy.....now i know true happiness!!....well until i find something better!!

i have a xxx

good luck
If your a lead only guy the combo im running not by choice because im a rhythm guy (guy I got it from was all about the lead lol) is g-12t-75's in an x-pattern with Classic lead 80's.. Leads scream out with that combo but rhythm lacks lowend it always wants to fart out on me. Has some nice cut and has a nice mid and treble profile just gotta watch your bass...
I have one and use it with a 6505+... kinda wanna sell it and buy an Orange 2x12... still not sure if that'd be the best move though.
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