I just got Time Trials, and whenever I get the money I'm gonna get their split with Kids Like Us too. The vocals are kind of weird, but I got used to them and now I couldn't imagine them having any other vocalist. What do you guys think?
I am fairly certain they played in Harrogate pretty recently, with a lot of NYHC (North Yorkshire Hardcore) bands. I might have been there actually, though i would only have watched the bands my friends are in so I probably didn't see them. Nevertheless, WOO!
band sucks.
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First of all, I enjoy deathcore for it's complexity and it's the only genre heavy enough for me

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I want an amp good for playing hippie tunes. I want it to be an actual amp, not a tube amp.
so overrated
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i actually dig them.

not worship them like other kids do
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pray for plagues or off the heezay by bring me the horizon both great songs specially when ur at a pit at trhe reall show
Ive heard of them here in Jersey they're alright but yeah overrated..
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Band is bad.

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band sucks.

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^ .

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so overrated

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band sux.

no thx.

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Band is bad.