Ive been trying to learn how to play bar cords for the past month now and havent found any easy way to pratice/learn them

and advice you all can give to me be great
There's really no easy way to learn them, it generally just takes time + correct practice and technique for your hand to start molding itself.
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*cough* barre chords *cough*
Just practice them as much as you can making sure you have every note fretted.
Have fun, your fingers will hurt lots
practice practice practice!!

EDIT: Theres no right or wrong way to do anything, just whatevers comfortable and practical.
Such as a G barre chord, just bar the 3rd fret with your index, and finger the A string G string and D string respectively.

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alright thanks ill do that i do pratice everyday when i get off work if im at home u bet their a guitar in my hand at all times . Though im usualy only home for like 3 hours to 4 hahah
remember to have your thumb and index finger lined up on each side of the neck. That way you get the best leverage. Also might try the ones with roots on the 4th string (D). Try to strum them slow at fist, just to make sure you're pushing the down all the way. Then make chord progression made of just bar chords. There is no secret, like everything else, that will make this magically easier. The fact that you are new to guitar, and bar chords require some finger precision and strength is gonna make it hard, but you can do it.
excellent i was already doing that before with my thumb so least i have that down its jsut not geting the twangy metal noise i want to aim for

Ive been playing long enough to play the non barre cords G C Em D Dm ect just trying to get this down to expand my skill thanks again all
Practice, practice, practice.
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