I was reading about the new Prophesy line by Epiphone in guitar world this month and they seem like pretty cool guitars.... I perfer the futura fx myslef and im thinking about purchasing one..... the only thing that im pissed about is that it is epiphone... i mean name doesnt matter....but it does in a way.....

so what do you guys think about them?
anyone ever play one?
I've heard nothing but good things about them. Also, the Epiphone name doesn't matter. They make some quality guitars.
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The EM2-FX seems the most interesting to me. I might get one for fun.
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I'm also curious about the Futura's. EMG 81/85's and an ORIGINAL Floyd + Mahogany body? Can't go wring there!
I played the Les Paul. It felt kind of awkward with 24 frets. The top ones were hard to reach. But it was very solidly built, if a bit heavy. I think the Futura should be pretty good, even though I find it looks really ugly, it's got great features, and Epiphone can be very good quality.