I currently use ernie ball regular strings. I like playing with them but the problem is their are quite expensive. I am going to college in a month or so and will not longer be able to afford them. What I was wondering is are there any cheaper brands of strings that are as good or are good enough for practicing on?

well, how often do you change your strings? some people suggest you change them every week, but strings can last anywhere from three to six months. guitar stores will have strings on sale every once and a while. or, you can buy your strings in bulk online and save money.

i didn't thinke ernie balls were that expensive, unless you change them every week.
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What? Ernie's Balls are $5 a pack at guitar center.. I always go in and grab some 9's when i need them.
I change them when they run out (i.e. become harder to play and lose their tone). I get 3 packs for £10 and that is the cheapest i've found them and they normally last for a month and a half. The problem is i'm only going to have a budget of £65 a month to cover all my living costs and the £10 out of that is a rather large chunk
If you can't afford $5 a month (or however often you change your strings), you either need to find a job or kick your crack habit.

Might want to try Elixirs, they last a lot longer than regular strings, though they're also more expensive. Other than that, wash your hands before you play, wipe the strings down when you're done... not much else you can do.
i love playing guitar but your education is more important... either that or learn how to shoplift from your local guitar shop...
Thank you please.
Why don't you apply for an additional loan?

You could get a maintainence grant or an accomodation loan or something.

EDIT: failing that, see if you can buy loads in bulk from somewhere like strings direct.

If you buy enough sets beforehand to take with you, you can get them for 2-3 quid a pack.
Not afford them? there like 6 bucks?
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Hahaha Ernie's cost like 4.50 here. You are a cheap bastard.
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