I am looking for a replace meant neck For my schecter Guitar the Neck I need is a C-1 Classic neck if anyone has one or know where I could buy one form that would be great I have never bough a neck before so I am admitting I'm not to sure what the price is for this but most the necks I saw on web sites where 30-60$ though this is nice neck So Im guessing it will be more well any way please help out thanks.

Schecter C-1 Classic Neck Looking to Buy.
i thought the c-1 had a set neck ????

i know my hellraiser does (varient of the classic)
Schecter C-1 Hellraiser
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The C-1 classic is a neck-through guitar so you cant really replace the neck, or even take it off for that matter. Sorry...
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Hmm is that so..?
well that would make sense why I could not find one any where.
Thats a huge bummer
i'm sure you can still find a vine of life (think that's what it's called) neck somewhere on the net
Hmm Yeah I will keep looking, as a side question does any one know of a business with a good rep for making necks with custom inlay?
just curious. did you break it?
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No I got a Schecter Omen Guitar and The neck is not broken just no beautiful...
ok. so you see your problem is that the c-1 classic features a set neck, meaning that the guitar and neck are one piece. they are not joined by screws or bolts. therefore they dont make what you're looking for. however you could look at a site like http://www.allparts.com/store/necks-guitar-necks,Category.asp

might have something you like.
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