I have a Roland Cube 30X and i love it .......... i like to have another amp with bigger speaker o speakers , like 12" . The Kustom Double Barrel 30W 2x12" Hybrid Guitar Amp Combo looks good to me, and is like $170 (Guitar Center) ....... please let me know your comments, critics, notes and recomendations.

I play metal, hard rock and have a Hellraiser C-1 .... probably buy the EHX Metal Muff in a couple of weeks.
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I would stick with your Cube until you can get a nicer tube amp. You shouldn't upgrade your amp based on the speakers - many, many professional bands get by with 1x12 combos quite easily, you'll be fine with what you've got. Wait until you have the money to make a substantial upgrade
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Thanks for the advice , please recomend some amps to play hard rock and metal better than the Cube 30X ....... so i can look around.
How about the Peavey Vypyr series ? .......... the 30 and 75 watts models ?