I don't know how your supposed to play a B barre chord barring (<<?) with your ring finger..

is it supposed to be

[x 2 4 4 4 X]


[x 2 4 4 4 2]

^^ for that one how would you bar your ring finger just enough to hit the last note?

or do you just play it barring your first finger and then form an A type chord with your fingers?
i'll tell you right now mate, it's f*cking hard to do. You'll get better at it over time, but A-shape barres will always remain a tonal nightmare. just don't worry about the note on the high E
You can do both
I startet doing barres like you mentioned: barring and the A chord with the rest of my fingers(for example)
but i found out quickly that its much more efficient and faster to do 2 barres.
the first with my index and the second with my ring finger.
just practice and have a look for a good position to let every note ring


tonal nightmare?
Tune your guitar
Try using your little finger for the second barre. The knuckle on the little finger bends much easier than the ring therefore making it easier to fret those 3 strings.
Both are acceptable ways to play a B major. If you dont want to mute the high E string then I agree with the above post, try using your pinky. It might work for you, it might not but its worth trying.