Here's me trying once more to make something solid. I think I may have succeeded this time. I'm thinking of either just leaving it to end like this, or go into a solo then some sort of outro. Thoughts?
zero zero three seven eight.zip
I think...you might be a drummer.
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i like it.
sounds like it draws a tad bit of influence from Escape the Fate.
good job !
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wow you might be really back on track (into my heart).

Really, the only thing that struck me negative here was that the verse was basically a (weaker) repeat of the main riff, the solos were rather weak (not bad, but didn't seem to go much anywhere (hint: it's the rhythm riff underneath and the weak drums -> solos will punch much more if you settle for just a powerchord progression rhythm).
The bass-only Verse 2 was unecessary in GP, but I can understand: In a live situation such a "breather" will be welcome and the drums were funky.

Great parts: Intro made me smile in it's St.Anger -like simplicity but effectiveness. Didn't drag on too much (unlike mentioned album) thankfully
Chorus had cool chords, though I didn't like the drumpattern, which kinda made it too poppy punky for me. I'd appreciate a more epic halftime feel, in light of such a good progression.
Breakdown, holy, talk about inventiveness. Easily my favorite part of the song, it bounced and the odd times made SENSE! Me likey - will see if the remix-muse stirs my creative juices a bit in the next time.

By the way, ever got something recorded to share ?
very very nice. i would like listening to this actual song. the only part i didn't like was the bar 131 dive thing. i just didn't think it sounded very good. the end chorus was really good though. so was the dueling guitar solo's, you did a good job on them. as for a guitar solo at the end, a good shred solo would be unexpected... . but maybe not, thats probably just what i want to hear.

i think the reason he thought you might be a drummer is cause the drums are really up there, whereas the guitar was kinda simple (in the beginning anyway).
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that was to put it simply

you made it flow so well, its a perfectly written song
and the breakdown was kickass, no drop d chord patterns for you haha
your chorus sounds a lot like the chorus in avenged sevenfolds burn it down though, haha, you might wanna check on that, but its prolly my ears playing tricks on me

other than that it was awesome, but i was expecting a huge solo out at the end so im gonna have to dock you a poinit

but over all
its a solid 10/10
great job, just try and make a finishing solo that really ends the song well

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