i need a guitarist, Bassest and Voxs for a deathcore band in Maryland. or if so An online band called As Dawn Dies.

Guitar: 15-w/e. needs to be fast and good solo.
Bass: 15- w/e. needs to be good (lol)
Vox: 15-w/e. good scream, deep voxs and pig squeals.

contact me at

My Myspace

Ill do it?
I can do the screaming and guitar.
Online ofcourse.

Just send me whatever you have and a tab for the guitar(if there is two) and i will record it then write whatever needs to be written.

i can scream various different styles so ya.

But yeah hit me up a msg on here.

Also if you want to here my playing/screaming check the links in my sig.

The ashes by morning one isnt me screaming or singing btw.