I'm changing the strings on my Ibanez right now, and cleaning it in the process. I picked up some Old English lemon oil today to moisturize it and such. I was told just to clean the gunk off with windex and then put on some of this stuff.

Quick question: Is lemon oil supposed to be poisonous?

Also: If it is... should I wash my hands after I play?
no its not poisonous.
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It's lemon oil.
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then it might have some added chemicals..although im sure its not poisionous to the extent where something might happen to you if you dont wash your hands before eating etc.
Set up:-
Kustom Sound 40W Guitar Amp
Marshall MG15 CD
Zoom 707 II (surprisingly good..)
VOX Tonelab ST
Jackson DK2M (Seymour duncan TB4 and the SD jazz)
Well, if it's pure lemon juice, then no. However, if certain other chemicals have been added (such as the type of chemicals used in many household cleaning products), then it might be poisonous. So, jus to be safe, you prolly should wash your hands. And you'd prolly wanna wash your hands whether it's poisonous or not, jus cuz you have this sticky/foamy and wet substance on your hands.
As for washin after you play, well...I wouldn't worry bout it. I mean, less you're a germophobe (in which case you have a whole nother issue), it's fine. You jus need to make sure that you dry the guitar well. But check on the back or the side of the bottle of Lemon Oil and see if it says to let air dry or if it says leave on surface for such and such a time, etc. Read the instructions and wash your hands afterwards to be safe and you should be fine.
Just don't drink it and you should be fine.
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My lemon oil says all over it not to drink it. Isnt it petroleum based?
It might be^^. Who knows.

But I just finished cleaning the neck ang body.
Don't worry, I just used the windex and lemon oil on the neck. Now that I've done that though, how often should I use the lemon oil?
It says it protects wood surfaces. What does it protect agaisnt? Water? Or other crap as well?
and it helps during sweaty shows and the back of your neck is finished.
I know its not poisonous because i tend to chew on my cuticles (Nasty habit i know) and when i play a show i always put lemon oil on the neck of my guitar so my hand doesn't stick, and I've chewed my fingers while there was lemon oil on them, it just tastes weird, it doesn't hurt you though. However, if you decided to down the bottle, I'm sure it couldn't be good for you.
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