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But sorry if this becomes a thread with links to other threads.

I have the basic mechanics of it down. But I'm having trouble with technique.

1. I'm having trouble muting the strings as I go up the arp. Is it just a matter of hitting them with another finger er another part of my hand as I go up?

2. Also, When I go back down, should I pick the top-note again? (if theres only one note on the top) and if there's more than one note on top should I just pull off and then pick the string below?

3. Whats the best place to do it? (I'm using the index finger nail to do it)

Yeah I dunno I had more questions but I forget them.
If you guys have any general tips er players to look at then that'd be great.
I know of this guy named Hermany or something who does amazing sweeps. But he's the only one I've seen.

Thanks for any help you guys can give me.
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I use my left hand to mute, and just lift my finger off the fret but not off the string - if that makes sense, kind of like a natural harmonic ?
Or lay them so they cover adjectent strings at some point during the sweep
also, are you moving your left hand so that you finger the notes as you play them, rather than as a chord?
I mute a bit with my right hand aswell, but I don't use my fingers alot I just use my palm, like a palm mute. you can afford to even mute the string you're playing a little since the note doesn't get a chance to ring out.

I also play with a pick.

But i'm not exactly grand master sweeper, so take my advice with a pinch of salt.
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1) There's many techniques for muting. I use a combination of free fingers on my fretting hand and my thumb to silence unwanted notes. Practice slowly to find what works for you.

2) Depends on you. Repicking will sound different than just sweeping into it. It's more of a sound thing than technique. Though sweeping up with your finger and then plucking the low note with your thumb can able really fast licks. Experiment and find what you like.

3) Again, lots of methods. I often use the top of my fingers (above the nail), but sometimes will use my thumb.