I wanna try and use Guitar Rig 3 tones instead of the Gearbox ones while still recording with my Ux2 Toneport. Is this possible? I've tried Guitar Rig alone and it didn't work and i tried loading both programs and bi-passing Gearbox but i still can't get Guitar Rig to record. The weird thing is i know my sound is being processed because, through my headphones on the toneport, i hear the exact tone i need, it's just that none of the recording software i'm using (Acid, Mixcraft, Cool Edit) pick up my Guitar Rig sound. Are there any settings i can change on either the software or Guitar Rig to get it to record? I've already set both to ASIO and i still get an unprocessed tone..... . Any help is greatly appreciated !
contact native instruments,you paid for there software..which entitles you to FREE support.