Yes, im retarded, i havent got a clue how to use the oven. Its got the dial for the main oven, second oven and dual grill. which one do i use? Its got directions on the packet but it just gives the length of time to cook it. Please help!
.....Read the box again.....
And when you do cook your pizza, have a fire extinguisher ready

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Just cook it till the cheese turns brown by the crust.
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turn on the oven
with the dial
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That oughta do it.

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Put it in the oven. Turn the oven on. Leave it until it looks cooked.

Make sure you don't grill it.
Microwave for 7 minutes (800W)
Trust me, it comes out like a cake and you can eat it with a spoon
Much easier than an oven, I do it all the time
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I made some Mystic pizza last night. It said preheat to 450 then cook for 10 to 12 minutes
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Microwave for 7 minutes (800W)
Trust me, it comes out like a cake and you can eat it with a spoon
Much easier than an oven, I do it all the time

Not this.

Turn it up mid-high. Just the oven. Put it in. Cheese cannot look grated at all. Judge on the cheese. If in doubt, put it back in.
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yeah unfortunately
its cooking now
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you dont know how to turn on your oven? how old are you?

he's male, he doesnt need to know
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he's male, he doesnt need to know

yeah, im male, and 16, i usually get microwave stuff when my parents are out
Ok, you said there are 3 dials. 1st is for main oven, 2nd is for 2nd oven, and 3rd is for grill. Airight, easy nough there.

Turn on the main oven, settin it to watever the box says for preheat. Usually, it's between 400 degress Fahrenheit and 450 degrees Fahrenheit (or approximately 204 degrees Celcius to 232 degrees Celcius). Then, wait til your oven says it's that tempature. On older ovens, there's usually a dial that goes from like 50 degrees Fahrenheit (or watever it is in Celcius; I'm too lazy to convert it again) to like 600 degrees Fahrenheit. On newer ovens, there's usually a digital display near the clock or somewhere near the dials.
When the main oven is the right tempature, put your pizza in for watever time the box says. Usually, dependin on the size of the pizza, it's between 10 minutes and 20 minutes. Set a timer so you don't burn you pizza. (I myself usually set the timer for 5 minutes, come back and check it, then for 5 minutes again, and finally set it for the remaining time left.) Once that timer goes off, let cool for a few minutes and enjoy. Bon appetit!
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he's male, he doesnt need to know

Wat does that mean? I'm a male and I cook almost all my own meals when I'm at home. (Course at school, I eat in the cafeteria.) Granted, I only cook simple things like brownies, macaroni and cheese, and ground beef. But it's not hard, assumin you unnerstand your oven, which my mom had to show me how to use when I was 12 (don't know how old is Adz2706 and doesn't matter anyway; 12 was jus when I started cookin frozen pizzas) and wanted to cook a frozen pizza.
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main oven, set to 200 degrees C, cook for 12-15 mins

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Does the box tell you what temperature to set the oven to? If so, do that and wait until it preheats, then just put the pizza in for the instructed amount of time.
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