I am looking for a drummer in kent in england for a death/extreme/industrial metal band.
The rest of the band is already assembled (vocals, 3X guitars, Bass) with material being written and some drum beats written.

*INSANE double bass!!
*Fairly good understanding of time signatures and rhythm's
*Age range 15-19

Influences: Strapping Yound Lad, Fear Factory, Meshuaggah........HEAVINESS!!!!

Any Questions e-mail me at revilo_erya@hotmail.com or message my profile.

I can also send anyone interested some short sample tracks to get an idea of the musical direction.

wish i was a drummer that lived in kent!!
im looking for a band like Fear Factory / Divine Heresy, & im looking for a 7-string guitar to get in a couple months

if you guys got myspace or whatever... linkage?!

i'd love to listen to the stuff you come up with & be a fan :P