Okay so... i am planning to buy a tremol-no soon and I was watching the demonstration video of it being installed. The guy mentioned that the sping claw must be perpendicular to the body for it to work properly, but my spring claw is at an angle when the springs are adjusted to make the floyd rose base parallel to the body of the guitar.
The springs are set up like this

the difference is that my spring claw is angled. I tried placing the springs in different hooks but i cant find the right combination to make the sping claw perpendicular.
Also the tremol-no requires a free spring slot.

When i got my guitar i think my springs were set up like this http://www.guitarattack.com/repair/springs.jpg

I cant remember if the spring claw was perpendicular or not back then but i cant use that setup because the springs will be blocking the tremolno from getting in.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
then by all means change where the springs are so it will fit.
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the tremol-no can be lengthened and shortened.
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^are you suggesting that i should just place the springs normally and not have the bridge parallel in order to insert the tremolno?

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then by all means change where the springs are so it will fit.

When I did the spring had to use the slot the tremol-no is meant to fit in.

I just want to know why my spring claw is ending up at an angle unlike everyone elses?

EDIT: Problem solved, got bridge parallel and spring claw perpendicular, i was doing something wrong before.
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