I've been really playing with different brands of strings lately, since I realized how much of a role they play in tone. I love the sound of a fresh pack of roundwounds, the extremely bitey, twangy sound, but they die rather quickly. I'm sweat tons when I play, so I can see that probably playing into my strings dying so fast. I bought a set of D'Adarrio XL roundwounds earlier this week, and their bite is dead after two practices. The low E string is the most dramatic, as it has none left at all, just a thick, colorless thump. I'm been thinking of trying some stainless steel strings because I hear they have more of that brittle bite, so I'm thinking that if they have more it might last longer, too.

The only thing that I'm really worried about is fret wear, as I hear stainless steal mangle frets. I mainly use a modern P-bass with little wear as it is, so I'm thinking since it's not a vintage instrument I don't have much to worry about.

Is the change worth it? I really just want to find the best way to preserve that fresh string bite.

I've tried Rotosound Strings, they're roundwound and don't last as long as I'd like. I've tried Flatwound and they're not what I'm looking for, either.
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So you're moving from nickel to stainless steel? Stainless steel have much less warmth than nickels out of the box. They're quite bright and biting. Once you wear them in thought they tend towards a low middy kind of punch that lasts, to me, much longer than the broken in sound of a set of nickels lasts. You shouldn't worry about fretwear because it takes a long time for frets to wear noticeably.
Dead rounds(nickel) or flats will get you much more warmth in your tone than steels ever will. Are you sure your not looking for a brighter sound?
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Yeah I was confused with how he was using the term "warmth".
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To those who are confused: I love the sound of fresh roundwound strings. But they die extremely fast for me. I've never tried stainless steel strings before, but from what I've heard, they seem to preserve that sound of roundwounds. I guess "bright and biting" is what I'm looking for, that i was describing as warm. So I need brighter and biting, not warmer.
I've used them, for a long time. Like I said, with any roundwound I have the tone I want for a few days and then it's gone.
DR Hi-Beams.

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Wipe your strings with a cloth after you play

They will last forever.
Yeah I bought stainless steel strings a few weeks ago and god are they bright. Never going back to nickel.
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I think you'd like Elixirs. They came on my Ibanez, which was USED. Who knows how long they were on it, but the same set is now on my BC Rich. (The strings are over a year old now) It's hardly played, but sounds brighter than the recent Hybrid Slinkies on my Ibanez.
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?