Well i know how to set up a floyd rose trem as i have done it loads of time but i have 2 questions.

I am currently using 9s and I'm going up to 10s, i know i have to set it up again but i always do that when i change strings, is there anything else i should know?

Also i need to clean my fretboard as it hasn't been cleaned for like 9 months and its all dirty, and the only way to clean properly is to take off all strings, and on a floyd that can be a problem. I have a cheap Ibanez trem, a ILT 1 or something which is the exact same as a OFR but is cheaper, so if i was to put a pencil or something underneath the trem at the back so it wouldn't sink, would i be able to take off all my strings at once with no problems?

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