Hi there.

My situation: I have a Marshall JCM 900 hi gain dual reverb and want to be able to make it sustain a bit more by placing a compression pedal (Boss CS-3) in front of the amp. I'm not a complete noob, but I know how much unwanted noise I'll incur if I do that at the moment as the Boss is fairly loud even at a low volume, so I have avoided it so far.

I have been looking at getting the ISP Decimator for a while and just wondered if the noise gate and compressor would co-exist together and if there are any settings that anyone could possibly recommend to me to compliment my sound using these two pedals. All I want from the compression is just to add a bit more sustain and even out the frequencies and make the attack a bit more punchy, using the noise gate to get rid of any hiss or noise - I don't want the compressor to kill my dynamics too much. I know that alot of people say the CS-3 is no good, but I haven't got the funds to stretch to another compressor at the moment!

At the moment, I only have a Boss DD-5 and a MXR Micro Amp in the FX loop, so I don't have anything else colouring the sound at the moment. I did have a Crybaby 95q in there, but that's just died!!!

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

the ISP is a noise suppressor, not a noise gate...there is a difference. one allows EVERYTHING to pass through within a certain threshold parameter(noise gate)...the other one acts similarly, however within the threshold, it actively cuts out noise simultaneously.(suppressor) id take the isp over anythign else any day...depending on your original noise level...compressor settings, and threshold....if you tweak it all right you should be fine.
You could also check out the ISP Decimator G String which works simultaneously in the FX loop and from guitar -> amp. This would get you the maximum amount of noise reduction but it does cost a bit more than the regular ISP Decimator

EDIT: sorry... I didn't fully read the thread, and i don't really know a lot about compression pedals
They will work fine together, but I would put the compressor in front of the amp and the noisegate or supressor in the effects loop.

I compared the CS3 with some other compressors and didn't like it. I personally thought the MXR Dynacomp and DOD Milkbox were better in that price range, and the Milk Box is a lot cheaper. I bought the Milk Box. It works very well, does not add unwanted noise to the signal, and I use it on all my tones except acoustic guitar. My usual setting is level and compression around 10 oclock, Hi Exp at 12 oclock, and attack at 9 oclock. This gives a lot more sustain without too much signal boost and the attack at that setting gives a little more "edge" to the tone.
i have 3 compressors..

boss cs-3
mxr dyna comp
vox snake charmer

if you want max sustain the boss cs-3 is by far the best...the trade off??...like you mentioned it is noisey,..but like the others have stated the isp "g" will cure it and then some....if you are just wanting more on the compression side the mxr dyna comp is the industry standard.

try before ya buy and let your own ears make the choice

good luck