the other day my valveking died. i checked the fuse and it was blown. the problem is, the new fuses blow, too. it seems like as soon as the amp heats up enough they're gone. and i've doubled checked, they are the right fuses. any suggestions? ideas? help please!
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take it to a tech...it takes alot for an amp to completly "die" unless you smashed it or pissed on it or something...
Something is broken, that's why the fuse blows. It's a safety function. Have you checked if the tubes are ok?

EDIT: ...and if it's not the tubes take it to a tech, like stated above.
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Sounds like its time to take it to a tech.. If it keeps blowing fuses it could be a number of things you probably dont want to mess with... Example shorted output transistors, shorted filter/bypass capacitors, shorted power supply rectifiers, insulator failures and so on...
Pull the power tubes and recheck the fuse to see if it still blows.

Common reason for this is a shorted power tube.