hey check out my jam on the johnny b goode. crit appreciated especially over the mix of the song aswell as the playing. all instruments were done by me, with the drums programmed using addictive drums

Very good indeed. The mixing isn't too bad, although it glitches in places (I think its the drums) on some of the stop-starts. The guitar playing is great, nothing like the original but like you say it's a jam and you've obviously cranked it all up adding pinch harmonics too. I've heard other groups/guitarists play it this way too. I enjoyed it on the whole! There are guitar backing tracks of this song out there, not saying that you shouldn't make your own. It's good to hear some all out ballsy rock on here! Cheers!
thanks for the comments was recorded in a day, just messing round with the new audio interface i bought. gunna have a look at the drums i think on your recommendation, it's just that im a guitarist not a drummer so the programming doesnt come naturally

might get a friend whos a drummer to help me add a few more fills and such in. if you liked that cover check out the electric six one on the same page (has vocals)