Hi, I've been looking to get a Peavey XXX for a while now on ebay but I just came across a weird one. I thought that the 1x12 had a shared EQ for the crunch and clean channel and the 2x12 had 3 separate EQs. But this one that I came across is a 1x12 but it has separate EQs. I've never seen this before so I just thought I'd ask what is it exactly?
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Probably the 60 watt version. Not too weird, they had 3 version, the 60 watt with 3 separate eq. 40W efx, i think this also have 3 different eq and can switch to all the 3 channel with foot switch. The super 40 the lowest of them all, but i have one and like it more than the rest though i would like to have the ability to switch from clean to crunch through foot swtich. But yaa, thats about sum the combos for yaa, they also got a 120 watt with 2x12 crazy for a combo, i wouldn't buy it, just get the head
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