Okay so im replacing the pickups in my Epiphone Les Paul Custom, and i was wondering which would suit my playing style best. I play metal, so i need great distortion, and good tone would be appreciated too. I am also more of a rhythm player, so i need clear chord progressions, no muddiness, and yeah, tone. I was thinking of a 60/81 combo, Seymour Duncan Blackouts, or Blackout Metals. Im pretty sure that the Blackout Metals only comes in a bridge position model at this point, but i could pair with a AHB-1 neck pickup. I hear the EMG 60 is the pickup for rhythm guitarists, but i also hear that the Blackouts "Blow any and all EMG's out of the water". So yeah, what are the best pickups for a heavy metal rhythm guitarist?
Thanks in Advance
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