Rosewood board with "Crown" inlays
3 ply Maple Neck-thru
Graphite reinforcement rods in the neck
Flame maple top
Alder back
Walnut accent line
EMG 40DCs and a 2 band "Tonepump" preamp
Gold hardware (Spector bridge, Schaller tuners and straplocks)
"James Bond"(almost) serial number

I'm so happy with this bass, probably the best bass I will ever own short of a custom Sadowsky or something. The neck is huge compared to my Jazz, as is the tone and output. But I'm surprised that my Jazz isn't totally blown away in terms of playability, I still have use for a 4 string.

More, full size, images here (since UG doesn't auto resize)
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If any of you guys are in the UK, Sound Control (now know as Reverb) are selling Euro 4s, 5s and 6s all at £499 and Rebops at £299. I posted about the deal over on Basschat.co.uk, and about 7 of us have bought various Spectors from them.

My local one still has 2 Euro 4s and a Rebop 4 if anyone is interested.
Why is everyone getting nice Spectors and not me?
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Welcome to the club, bro

Here's mine, from 1997

I might have to start a club for this. The reasons I like my bass better than the new ones are:

1: The body is solid maple
2: The green stain (discontinued, btw) is amazing to me.
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^ Nice job stealing arifs colour :P jkjk

I want this exact bass in a few years, i wanted one but today I played a scheter stilleto elite-5 today at a guitar center and it was amazing everything i could want for a 5 string and its only 600$! The same price i bought my MIM jazz for .
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we should start a club , and im always going to be jelous of that green finish
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^ Nice job stealing arifs colour :P jkjk

From what I seen, Arif got a new 5 string which looks even better than the green IMO. So it doesn't matter anymore.
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I am in awe of your sizzling wit. please, accept this congratulatory e-cookie, and accompanying basket.
Oh, thats a looooovely bass. In the right colour too!
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Nice bass yourplague! The older ones are NS5CRs right? even though they are almost the same bass. I love that colour (Always wanted a Spector ever since I saw Arif with that natural Rebop and the Green Euro) but I think all maple construction may be a little bright for my tone.

We should totally start that club.

Now, the real question is: Will the world implode if I put a set of Warwick strings on my Spector? I'm liking the look of the EMP strings, they are cheaper than Elixers over here.
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My mate got a 5 string Spector, basically brand new for £150

it had a small crakc in the lacquer so a further £30 was knocked off

basically brand new,in a second hand store,I dont think the store owner had heard of spector,looks like Ryker's (that headstock design) but 5 string and orangey flamed finish, active etc etc...best bass deal Ive ever witnessed
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