After GAK told me that my Squier wouldn't be coming until the start of August, I cancelled the order and I was back on the market for a new bass. I went to a few music shops in London and played this. I also tried a Peavey(can't remember much about it. It was neck thru and had active electronics) and a Warwick Rockbass Corvette. I went with the Ibanez because I liked the feel of the big neck and the different tones that I could get out of it, and if I was going to get a Warwick I wouldn't want a Rockbass. I'm glad I got the Ibanez and the only thing I don't like is that it's stupidly heavy.

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awwww im so jealous

i want one
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I'm an arrogant bastard - I thought I was good before I'd plucked a note. I was right, of course.

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Well, theres no actuall club but you know what I mean.
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I like the look of all the equipment in that photo except two things. I'm fairly anti stratt, theyre boring and eeww XBox 360 lol.
Man I want one of them so much, played one in a shop the other day and fell in love

I'm happy with my Ibanez I'm using atm though