I have an opportunity to pickup a Marshall JCM 900 2x12 combo, original cabinet, speakers, parts, supposedly in "good condition", although I haven't seen it yet. Price is $500.

If I got it, I'd have to sell something else to free up the cash, but I usually am able to sell quickly, so that's not a concern. I currently have a Marshall JVM head on a 4x12, and a Mesa Tremoverb 2x12, and the JVM is too big for gigging, and while I like the Tremoverb, I'm not married to it. All in all, Marshall tones are my absolute favorite, and going back through all of my favorite guitar-rock CD's over the past 20 years, I realize that most of them, sure enough, are Marshall tones.

That said, is this considered a good combo? I like the idea of a good, reliable, JCM series to be my permanent gigging amp - they seem to have a good reputation, but do any of you have one? What do you think? And, assuming I'll probably have to re-tube, is this a good deal? It comes with the cover and footswitch, by the way. Thanks!
The price is good but the JCM900 sounds distinctly different from a plexi or metal panel jmp, they're voiced more modernly, try it before you buy.
sorry, but the Trem is nicer than the 900.

900 Mk3 heads are nice - but id save and maybe get something like an Engl Thunder or Screamer? - maybe too bright?

or even an older 800 with an OD for taste
$500 sounds like a good price fro the 900 combo. If your JVM is too loud, why not just get a power attenuator (like the Marshall Power Break, or the THD Hot Plate?) The JVM is a terrific amp and it would be a shame not to use it for gigs. If you just want a smaller sized marshall, the JCM800 combo is a great amp option. Or perhaps get a 1x12 or 2x12 cabinet.
My JVM is a half-stack, and I think I'd rather just keep it at home, and have a good, lower-priced (i.e. good quality but I won't cry so much as it starts to get wear and tear from load-in/load-out and people putting beer cups on it) - luckily my city is smoke-free now, so wear-and-tear isn't as bad. A good 1x12 would be even more portable, come to think of it, although then it's hard to be heard without mic'ing, IMO.
this thread is kinda dead maybe idk but dude sell the jvm, worst marshall ever

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