I need a push from you guys, I have been learning for 5-6 months now and I just feel like I cant get any further and I suck!!

I need some ideas on simple picking songs to practice, nothing complex, very easy nice sounding songs that will get me back in the groove.. Man I feel like I hit a brick wall and nothing sounds good..
i felt like that too once
try to play some dark riffs
just some powerchords and some open strings between it,,
u'll become better ,, trust me
"wish you were here" always brings back faith in guitar for me
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i am right now stuck on a great song thats easy. Im stuck on it to me means im in love with playing it. Its a great acoustic one. Im trying to get the keyboard solo out of someone. Here's the song: "Topeka " by Ludo..

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^ Are you talking about the martin D100 thing? If so, why not talk about it in that thread?

To the TS, maybe try a bit of fingerpicking. It is a fun skill to learn that could help move you past a slump.
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